About Me

My name is Michèle Provost and I am a servant of Jesus Christ.   I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior over 30 years ago. I was radically saved in my bedroom one evening and woke up a different person. I love the Word and believe it was God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16). I have been blessed to see healings including personally being set free from a sciatica problem I had for over 20 years and seeing my husband healed of lung cancer (small cell) when given from mere weeks to a maximum of 1 year to live. This was over 14 years ago. We serve an amazing God who is as much in the miracle business today as He was in the time of Jesus.

I have a diploma from the Jerry Savelle Ministries International Correspondence School, I’ve taken the correspondence courses offered by RHEMA Correspondence Bible School, and also have a ministerial diploma from our church’s bible school. I was recently ordained under Open Bible Faith Fellowship (OBFF).

How this website came to be!
I felt a leading of the Holy Spirit that my husband and I should attend the Greater Faith Conference at Faith Life Church in Sarasota, Florida. We decided on a Friday to attend and left the next morning for a 2 ½ day car ride. We attended the conference and were truly blessed by it. The topic of the conference was obedience. During the week, I felt like the Lord was giving me what I thought were sermon topics. In the weeks that passed, God led me to write what is now the content of this website. I’m so thankful for a wonderful God that used an imperfect vessel to make His plans come to pass and am also thankful for a patient husband who was willing to go by the pool alone and leave me in a hotel room to allow me to write. The journey finished at our home in Ottawa, Canada, but I continued to be dedicated to the task as per the Lord’s leading.

The name of the website came in prayer but at the time was unavailable so I wondered if I had heard clearly. My son, Nick, said it was available with a hyphen in it. I didn’t have peace about it. Approximately a week later, he told me Hisservants.com would be coming available. It so happened that the day I finished writing the content for this website, it became available. We have an awesome God who has plans for all our lives. May we all live to fulfill what He has purposed for each and every one of us! God bless you!